Firework Safety Week

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Did you know most general liability and homeowner’s liability policies exclude losses due to fireworks? If you set off fireworks in close proximity to your home or business, you may not be covered.

As you prepare for the upcoming Independence Day weekend, please keep in mind safety regarding fireworks. Fireworks are just that, made of fire. Remember to obey the laws of the state or city you will be in for the holiday weekend. Do not consume alcohol and set off any explosives. Always wear protective eye gear. Always light fireworks in an empty and outdoor area and never more than one firework at a time. Only adults should light any and all fireworks. Read all cautionary and performance labels on the fireworks. Keep a fire extinguisher handy in the event a firework does not perform correctly or the sparks cause a fire. Report any illegal explosives to your fire and police departments. Always dispose of any fireworks by wetting them after use and disposing in a metal trash can away from any buildings or combustible materials (2016, Consumer Product Safety Commission).

If these tips are followed, the statistics for injuries from fireworks will go down. Currently, there are about 230 people who are admitted to the emergency room a day during the weeks leading up to the holiday and the weeks after the holiday. More than 50% of those admitted were burned (2016, Consumer Product Safety Commission).

Click here for more information regarding firework safety.

Be cognizant of those around you when setting off fireworks. Many veterans of the military (dogs are included, too) suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If you know anyone who has served or currently serving and lives nearby, please be sure they are not affected by the explosives or fireworks. Currently, there are signs made for these veterans and can assist those in the community to utilize the fireworks in a safer environment for all (2016, Military with PTSD).

Click here for more information regarding those signs and how you can help.

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