Eye Safety Week

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This week is Eye Safety Week and we want to make sure you are wearing the correct eye protection, no matter the situation! Whether you work in the field using specialized goggles or simply sunglasses while you drive, the need to protect your eyes is crucial. In today’s markets, you can find protective eye wear for any occasion, including sports goggles that resemble actual goggles, as opposed to the way they looked in the past. You can typically get these with clear prescription lenses or with tint for the sun exposure. These are to reduce the risk of breaking everyday glasses during sports activities. If you do not have insurance, prescription lenses can be costly.

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Did you know that eye cancers can be caused by too much sun exposure? If you have sunglasses, especially polarized and UV-protected lenses, you can reduce your risk exponentially of such cancers. So if you find yourself squinting or trouble seeing in the sunlight or daytime, remember to use those sunglasses you bought until you are out of the sun’s light (Mercola, 2013). If you cannot locate a pair of sunglasses, look for a hat to shield some of the light.

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Businesses with 3 or more employees are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. This insurance will respond if a worker is injured on the job, including medical care for eye injuries incurred while performing job duties. You will find additional information regarding worker’s compensation insurance requirements for the State of Georgia at www.sbwc.georgia.gov or contact one of our trusted advisors at (770) 551-3270 for a quote. We also have a full benefits department, including vision insurance for individuals and groups.

So whether you enjoy the name-brand, stylish sun glasses or utilize the boxy, protective goggles, be sure to wear them any time you are outside to help avoid damage to your eyes.

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